"I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that's me."

-Maya Angelou


Women of the Wild 2018 is brought to you by WithLoveDC in partnership with the Trans Women of Color Collective

October 5-8, 2018 - The Freedom Center, Leesburg, VA

Women of the Wild is a magical gathering where women of all ages, races, religions, and backgrounds will share a sacred space among trees, rivers, and bird songs.

We will make room for one another and lift up each other's hearts.

We will sing into the breeze and let our love ride on the winds to the rest of the world. 


Women of the Wild is an asl-accessible event. hearing, hard-of-hearing, and deaf women will all be able to enjoy the magic and wisdom at this gathering. 

Women of the Wild is committed to centering the narratives leadership and voices of those most disproportionately impacted by state sanctioned violence.