We Become the Stories We Tell (Ourselves about Ourselves)

During this hands on workshop we will learn how to create a new narrative that better reflects who you are.

We will dive into the old stories and labels often placed upon us by others.
We will explore evidence to decide if these stories have any validity.
We will explore and apply tools: Reframing, Revising, Re-wiring and Re-telling our Life Narrative to better reflect who we really are.


Unlock the Box: A Yoni Meditation and Journaling Experience

Unlock the Box is a transformative self care workshop designed for women who are ready to cultivate a deeper relationship with their yoni. The yoni is a magical and sacred storehouse for our creativity, passion, and emotions. When we are intentional about honoring our relationship with our yoni, we position ourselves to actualize and exercise our personal power. Unlock the Box will help you to tap into your primal energy as well as identify the barriers that are holding you back. Join Amethyst & Ether for two hours of guided meditation, expressive journaling and wild feminine energy!


How to Tap into Your Feminity to Reboot Your Creativity

Want to be the first tribe of creative women who are taking charge of their creativity? Do you want to take 2 hours to focus on improving your writing? And have the support group of other creative, ambitious women who want to improve their writing through podcasting, live storytelling, or the written word? 

This 2-hour program is going to get you situated to take your creativity into your own hands and learn the tools for creative discipline, inspiration, and insight. Discover how you experience creativity best + learn the tools to hack into that while being part of a group of women who will support you and encourage you through the creative process. 

This is an all-encompassing program regardless of whether you want to write better blog posts, start a screenplay, become a live storyteller, or dip your toe into podcasting. You will walk away with creative tips, strategize, homework and inspiration! 


 Workshop with Dr. Lourdes Ashley Hunter of the Trans Women of Color Collective

(description coming soon)


Overcoming Darkness Through Connection

Anxiety and depression fuel my mind. Their darkness has kept me lost, limiting my potential, and causing me to believe it was all I could be.  Trapped by negative thoughts I drown in their darkness, sinking deeper, suffocating on their agonizing and paralyzing pain.  

Overcoming this darkness is a daily struggle for me. It has stolen a piece of my soul and almost my life but it is not who I am; only where I have been.  None of us are our past. We are whoever we choose to become in this moment and every moment thereafter.

We all have the ability to control our thoughts and the beliefs we create around them; the power to determine if our thoughts derail or liberate us. Believing a negative thought can cause us to feel deep rooted panic, spiraling into the belief that we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, funny enough, just not enough. All not true.  This is a story we choose to believe about ourselves and we have the ability to change this belief.  

Our connection with ourselves directly impacts our ability to connect with others. How can we stay open to connection? How can we process our emotions without disconnecting from our truth, a person or a particular situation? How can we live through the darkness and still know the light?  Together we will learn how to confront our fears and maintain connection.  We will learn the importance of self compassion and how to rise above the chaos in our minds. One loving moment at a time…