Connecting to the Star People: Mayan Cosmology

We are in the midst of a tremendous shift in cycles within the star-based calendars of the ancient Maya, in a time-space known as tiempo no tiempo, we are tasked as a human race to reconnect with our energetic and star heritage in order to gather the tools and awareness necessary to enrich the human experience for the following cycle activation in 2044. We are the star warriors remembering the wisdom stored within for the betterment of all life. To be called a "Mayan" is to simply be recognized as “one who is connected to the four directions” and understands their respective energies — now is the time to embody that inherent Mayan wisdom. 

This is an interactive discussion workshop that reveals many of the ancient wisdoms shrouded in mystery regarding the Mayans, the Pleidians, the Cosmos and its principal energies; it activates our understanding of position within the micro and macrocosm in order to fulfill our Cosmic purpose.

Healing Ancestral Lineage

It is the Native American believe that we carry the mental and emotional programmings of 7 generations, the pain, the wounds, the fears and limitations from our family are passed generation by generation, what we evolve today will help shift the consciousness of our future generations, what we forgive today will energetically transmute the past that we carry.

How would your life be if you could heal your lineage? How would your life be if you could move from family trauma and unhealthy dynamics to step in to your true self? As you transform you close the cycles of all the incomplete processes of your ancestors and you perpetuate a new path of growth.

Discovering Self-Compassion: A Healing Power

“Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.” - Pema Chodron. In today’s culture, it is difficult to choose kindness instead of judgment, common humanity instead of isolation, and mindfulness instead of over-identification especially within ourselves. During this workshop, as influenced by the teachings of Pema Chodron and Kristin Neff, we will explore the use of different tools that encourage the transformative practice of self-compassion in different ways. To spread love and light throughout the world today begins with spreading love and light within ourselves.

 Empowerment Self-Defense for Fierce Women

Come learn skills to help you prevent, interrupt, heal from, and end violence and abuse. You’ll leave better equipped to deal with everything from street harassment to problematic co-workers, from intrusive family members to assault.

Herbal Alchemy and Female Archetypes

Every day is a ceremony and plants of all types shift consciousness as we consume, breathe, and share space with plant intelligence. Tapping into the energy of plants we can embody powerful female archetypes, connect to Earth, and enhance our DNA from their knowledge. Join April Rameé as we taste, touch, and smell herbal plants that suppourt our missions in life, channel the archetypes, and grow our alchemical understanding of one being all. How does working with plants and female archetypes prime us for a continued existence in the divine in every moment? Let’s play alchemy , taste, and discuss! 

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Self-Care as Resistance

In this engaging workshop you'll learn the importance of self-care as a tool of resistance against a system that is oppresive to women and people of color. I will discuss how taking care of your mental, physical and emotional well-being is one of the best ways to protest injustices. I will teach ways to create a daily regimen of self-care practices using yoga principles and Ayurvedic rituals.


Shaktivating Movement & Healing Class

Honor your roots, embrace your wings.

Everything starts with self love. Rediscovering Your Essence. Nurturing Your Truth. Rebalancing Your Center. And from that place --> Bloom. Soar. Be Free. 

We do the Energy work on ourselves. We move our bodies to release the old and to receive the New. We talk deeply. We are Love. No experience necessary except living on this beautiful Planet for at least one lifetime  ♥

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 In Cristina's EXPRESS YOURSELF! workshop you'll learn how to plow through your inhibitions, channel your inner creativity, and enjoy the silliness of free expression. Together we'll be healed by music, dance, and games that unchain the mind and body. Get ready to shake, make noise, and rediscover that spark you've been hiding from the world. You'll leave feeling grounded, human, and empowered.


Primal Yoga® Flow

Primal Yoga® Flow is a fluid and thoughtfully sequenced class that combines movement and breath to cultivate the flow of Qi and pranic energy throughout the body. We seamlessly blend yoga with fluid movements inspired by Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu into a harmonious dance to create balance, strength and synergy in our physical and emotional bodies. With an emphasis on breath, fluidity and intelligent alignment-based sequencing, Primal Yoga® Flow taps into our body's own innate wisdom to unlock the healing potential within. 

Yoga for Creativity with Artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Cultivate your creative potential during this workshop led by visual artist and yoga instructor Lisa Marie Thalhammer. Focus on the chakra energy centers that boost creativity. Gain a greater understanding of the subtle energetic body and how blockages in this system can stifle our productivity. Begin to understand feelings as ephemeral experiences of the physical body and use visualization to change unproductive thought patterns that hold us back from prolific expression. Become the inspiration you need to thrive.


Tea Time and Tarot Talks 

Join "Meet Her Highness" Jordan for tea and an exploration of the tarot journey starting with card 0 the Fool.  Together we will explore the cyclical nature of life's journey in parallel with nature and use Tarot to gain additional insight and advice on your next move. Tap into your innate intuitive ability and learn how to recognize the "voice" of your intuition through increasing your awareness about which elemental energies dominate your experience.  At the completion of the workshop, you will know how you can create more spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance using this information as tools.