The Ethics of Storytelling

What motivates us to tell stories? To create them? What does it mean to tell stories our stories, even if they involve other people? This workshop will delve into the ethics around storytelling in any art form and explore the responsibilities artists have to themselves, their audiences, and their craft. In this hour, we will explore the different motivations for creating art and sharing it, the complexities of storytelling when our stories involve other people, and the importance and sanctity of cultivating our own voices. Participants are encouraged to share their own relationship with art and discuss what it means to be an artist or a consumer of art in this world.


The Power of Using Your Voice

Your voice carries a huge amount of weight and power. It gives you the chance to speak your truth, to connect with others and to share. During Women's Circles, we share, connect and ultimately support one another through the power of our voices. Circles have always been an empowering place to using your voice and speak your truth. During this workshop, we'll dive deeper into the power of our voice that lives within us while being in community with other women. We'll get a chance to sit in circle and experience true sisterhood through love and support. For this workshop please bring a journal, something to write with, and something comfortable to sit on such as a yoga mat or floor cushion. Chairs will be provided for those who do not prefer to sit on the floor.


Opening to Your Power

You are powerful. It has nothing to do with your skills, position, education, recognized talents. You were born powerful. Through movement and various kinds of meditation, Suzanne will guide you on an exploration of the breath, voice and body to ignite your power within. I’m sure we all know by now that we can’t change anyone. But we should know and deeply believe that we can create own self into the person we wish to be. Kundalini yoga, breath and meditation will help you become the change you wish to see in the world. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. It’s a technology that helps us steady and center ourselves so that we can observe the world within us and the world outside of us with a clear, objective and compassionate mind. It is from this place that we can make wise choices to build the life we want.

Kundalini is not pretzel-bendy yoga. We won’t be striking any instagram glamor poses. We’ll be moving and waking up our energy through a combination of functional movements anyone can do, conscious breathing and meditation. Kundalini meditation can take many forms. It can include movement, breathing and/or chanting. Kundalini is a householder yoga. It is a system that helps everyday people connect with their personal power so that they can live extraordinary human lives on Earth.

What you need to enjoy the practice?

Yoga mat, meditation pillow or blanket (very optional), comfortable clothes you can move in, sweat pants/yoga pants/scrubs, bring your joy, doubts, worries; we’ll use it all to fuel our practice together


Healing Power of Transformation

When we think about transformation, we often imagine the way a lowly caterpillar magically becomes a beautiful butterfly. Indeed transformation is an age old process that challenges us to shed anything that no longer serves us. Having shed old skin, we learn who we really are, and like the butterfly, we become free to express who we are authentically.

Join Ranessa Porter, a Reiki-Master Teacher and spiritual healing coach, in exploring the healing power of transformation. Along with looking at how transformation occurs and at how transformation empowers your personal growth, we’ll explore what transformation requires. This seminar will also offer ways to facilitate transformation and to support yourself during the process.

This is sure to be an inspiring and empowering night of discovery and transformation.

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Learning How to Fly

Yes, in this workshop you will be yogi for a few hours but more than that, you will explore the more creative yogini side of yourselves that will change your practice forever. You will learn to fly! It’s more than just looking kewl by doing handstands, astavakrasana, parsva bakasana, or any of those wild things you see yogis doing on Instagram or Yoga Journal. Through transitions you will learn with breath, focus, dance, a little fire and mostly creativity you will fly in and out of poses making your practice in and out of the studio have a flow unique to you!

Here you will learn techniques in the Rocket Yoga sequence to get you to the next step no matter where your practice is. ALL LEVELS WELCOME! Let your inner critic go and listen to your inner teacher so you can sore!

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Empowerment Through Environmental Stewardship

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As CorpsTHAT aims to connect the Deaf Community and the conservation through education, recreation and careers, we will explain how we can be empowered toward conservation within our diverse community and Mother Nature.