Yoga of the Wild: Embodying Your Spirit Animal

Many postures we practice from yoga were created through studying the essence of the animals. When we take on these poses we are empowered by the energy of the animal it is modeled after. Find your spirit animal through movement and feel empowered to create a practice that further embraces the animal within.

Self Pleasures. Self Desires.

This ninety minute workshop focuses on self desires. Through music and movement women will release shame so they will be more open to receiving self-love. We will be lead through a series of activities to draw the things we most strongly desire into our lives. Rania will share ways to invite more love and joy into our day-to-day lives through self-pleasure. 

Conjuring Naked Moon Dance

Gathering of like-minded empowered women to make their lives and those around them more in tune with nature. We lead our lives covered up, taught to be quiet, to not cry, to not yell. At this evening moon dance women will be freed to yell, scream, move, and simply be our witchy-est selves. Bring your own instruments, scarves, spells, and magic.

Medicate. Writing and Poetry Workshop. 

In this workshop, ladies will take an introspective look into their lives to identify the positive and negative ways of coping with mental stress/mental health issues. Knowing is half the battle! Identifying stressors and learning how to journal/write for release will teach attendees alternative ways to release stress other than the "easy" outs we are accustomed to. Also to feature Whiskey Girl poetry.

Nature Stroll & Sit Spot

Connect to the woods around us in a new way by finding your sit spot. So often we rush through the world, through our environment and through our surroundings. Even when we purposefully go out into the woods we are often in motion or filled with distraction, going on a hike, having a picnic, building a campfire. It is unusual to stay quiet in one spot, to observe attentively the complex ecosystem just beyond our bodies.  A sit spot is simply that, a place to sit quietly and observe, an opportunity to stay truly still within nature. To notice all that surrounds us daily, up close like never before, in a new and intimate way. The closer we look into nature the deeper our connection to this world becomes. During this workshop you will seek out and experience your own sit spot. Bring your journal and a pen to record observations, draw or free write. 


Yoga Inclusivity

Drawing on her own experiences of both teaching yoga to Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing (D/HH) students and being a Deaf student in yoga classes tailored to a hearing audience, Darcy will lead a workshop on how to make yoga classes more D/HH-friendly. Women will develop knowledge of D/HH culture sensitivity, tips for communicating key asana alignments, alternative approaches to hands-on assists, and how to make the best use of available resources to maximize inclusion. Though tailored to yoga instructors, all women will be able to apply elements of this workshop to other types of classes and life settings.

Deaf Yoga Class – Beginners Level

The Deaf Yoga class is for people with hearing loss and converse in American Sign Language. There will be no music and it uses the drum to changes poses in sequences.  Silent mediation is included.  The class is at beginners level and will include stretching, how to use the yoga props, learning about breathing technique and understanding how your body, soul and mind works together. 

Your Para-Normal Self

Did you know you exist in more than just 3D?  Learn about your electromagnetic field, your multi-dimensional abilities, and how to construct your life through your energetic field.  Discover how to advance your para-normal abilities like ESP, intuition, clairvoyance, and astral travel.  Sev will talk about the life-changing advantages that materialize once we understand our electromagnetic fields.  Through Sev’s experience as a Soul Purpose Coach, together with scientific research, this discussion and Q&A is created to help you fulfill your purpose while increasing your fulfillment and peace in life. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Find yourself fully in the present with this guided meditation using mindful awareness of the senses and breath. Mindfulness fosters an awareness and content with what is true in the present moment. Through observations of the senses, you will begin to quiet the mind and find a deeper state of being. 

Yoga and Poetry: Flow and Let Go

Vinyasa is the connection between breath and movement, it is a physical expression of the flow of life; poetry, is akin to yoga in that way, it too is an expression that allows emotional evidence of life's transitions. But, with grace and strength of breath, you understand, it is within these moments you learn to elevate and grow towards enlightenment.

These two separate, but now partnering forms of expression are now intertwined by Rhiannon Landesberg, yogi instructor who will lead part of the two-hour session in a restorative Vinyasa class as Elle D. Koon, poet, recites from her collection. Following, Elle will lead her writing workshop, “There’s Poetry There.” Allow yourself, your inner god, your inner goddess to be inspired and join us for Flow to Let Go: Elevation of Breath and Movement.

Body Positivity and Intuitive Eating

Beginning with an interactive presentation on wellness and body image, participants will begin to understand concepts of health in real terms - not weight loss. We will engage in our own ideas of health and how to begin to live more intuitively. This will begin with an understanding of intuitive and mindful eating and conclude with intuitive movement where we will play a few games to remember how to enjoy movement. The workshop will conclude with a guided meditation on developing positive body image. Participants will leave feeling empowered to trust their bodies on the path to real wellness. 

Build Bridges Back to Yourself: How to Create a Practice of Self-Trust that Allows You to Walk Powerfully on Your Path

The first part of this workshop will be a SoulSpeak, a place for women to share their stories on deep and utter knowing, the kind that propels you forward without understanding why. It will also be to speak your truth about moments where you did not honor what you knew to be true in your heart, and what happened after. 

It is in being seen AND bearing witness to ourselves and to the women around us, that we do our deepest healing. In this workshop, participants will understand where they have destroyed their bridges of trust with themselves + they will create tools to rebuild their self-trust, their soul-knowing that are uniquely theirs through improv exercises, writing, and sharing.

Transcendental Dancing: A Guided Journey through traditional Sindhi folk dance

Fati Gul, Executive Director of the Sindhi American Political Action Committee, joins the Women of the Wild to share her knowledge of Sindhi folk dance. Through this dance form we are able to use our body as a “universal tool” for insight into the manifold realities we live in and for a direct experience into the living “information network” of consciousness.

Sindhi Folk dance produces a profound shift in consciousness enabling one to experience trance. In the state of trance, which is a higher awareness of the inner world, one is able to connect with a different field of consciousness that leads to new insights and points of view. Sindhi folk dance technique allows one to enter repeatedly and purposefully into a state of trance. Practitioners of Sindhi folk dance have experienced increased happiness, heightened creativity, a reduction in stress, ecstatic feelings of oneness, and feelings of insight, awareness, and strength. 

Magic Woman Sister Circle

This will be an extension of what the Ayaba series sister circle, founded by Ebone MeCloud- meditate, self-love work and conversation over some Good Thoughts Tea Co. tea. It will be about an hour and a half long. There will be a worksheet, guided meditation and some kundalini involved. An open forum will follow at the end. All participants will receive a take away to reflect back on. 

Entrepreneurship: Overcoming fears to create                                 abundance doing what you love

Throughout the U.S. millennials (born between 1980 and 1996) are growing more dissatisfied with the current job market. They are the most likely to look for and change jobs, according to Gallup’s new report, “How Millennials Want to Work and Live.”  This generation isn’t interested in climbing the corporate ladder, they want opportunities to learn, grow and give back! 

With the ease of the Internet, opportunities for social entrepreneurship has sky rocketed! But, taking the first step (or 100th) into this world is scary and sometimes carries huge financial risk. 

Meredith Wyman Walsh hosts this interactive talk that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to move toward the life of your dreams, regardless of your generation.  After spending 10 years building her resume, she left her full time job at the World Bank. Now, she runs WineDown Yoga events, hosts Northern Virginia’s first 3-day music and yoga festival, FlowJam, and is the co-creator and co-host of “Naturally Human with Sev and Mer,” the weekly podcast. Through WineDown Yoga, she’s also raised nearly $9,000 for non-profits in East Africa and Central America. 

In this talk we’ll cover: 

-    5 key ingredients to create your dream life: manifest, plan, implement, track & repeat
-    Relationship building and the importance of collaboration
-    Managing financial risk & navigating through the ups and downs of business
-    The 3-6 rule to marketing 

This is for anyone itching to move beyond their comfort zone to create a life full of love and abundance! Join us and get inspired. Get connected @WineDownYogi and @WineDownYoga.