Healing Through Trauma

This workshop gives us time to step back and begin the healing process. So many times we've experienced trauma after trauma, yet our human persistence encourages us to keep moving. Healing comes with forgiveness, so let's start this journey. Participants can expect a safe space and will leave with tools to help along the journey. 


Primal Elements Ceremony

As women, we are naturally intuitive. We have the capacity to gather wisdom from anywhere. What if some of that wisdom was gifted to us through ancient intelligences known as the primal elements: earth, air, fire, and water?

Medicine woman Natalie Orozco, will lead participants through the process of a time-honored ceremony to connect with each element. Participants will discover the unique energy that each element brings to life and the wisdom it has to offer on a question or concern at this time. Participants will walk away from this ceremony with a stronger connection to their intuition having engaged in an experience of clarity and wildness-- the natural state-- the birthright of being a magical woman. For more information about Natalie Orozco visit www.natalieorozco.com.

Medicine Drum Journey

We are living during a time where we are becoming conscious of the teachings our Ancestors have laid before us. This is not an easy awakening to come through. We are becoming awake to the wounds and struggles of our Ancestral lineage coming through us to release so the future of our lives and lineages will be free.  As Women, we hold the cellular memory of our Ancestral lineage. Through the journey we will take with the medicine drum, we will give deep reverence for all who have come before us, for Mother Earth, and for the healing power of our collective heart.