Atticus Mooney

Atticus has an insatiable appetite for the infinite dimensions of our human experience; she believes magick lies within the grey area of transition and unknowns; and so she shares teachings from that place. Artistic movement is her portal to spirit and she draws on lifelong experience as a movement artist of various expressions to feel through life. As a dancer, intuitive and yoga teacher she synthesizes her appreciation of form and formless to curate transformational events. She is the visionary founder of bhAva DC, a community organization that aims to promote conscious connection with substance-free dance parties and sound healing. She is the founder of Source Cacao, which imports ceremonial-grade cacao from Guatemala and hosts cacao ceremonies in the US. Additionally she is the founder and producer of Ecstatic Dance DC, a chapter in a global network of conscious freeform dance communities. As a 200-hour eRYT and a 500-hour RYT she facilitates yoga classes and yoga teacher trainings internationally; she has taught for the Hirshhorn Museum of Modern Art and is contracted to teach at the Kennedy Center and US Botanical Gardens in Washington, DC. No matter the form or place, she continues to to be amazed by the power of the human body and spirit. 

Wendy Mata

Wendy Mata is a Certified Soul Coach® and Past Life Coach®, Hunabku Healing® 4 Elements Shamanic Healer, Initiated Mayan Shaman, Curandera by Lineage, ICRT Certified Reiki Master / Teacher, Certified Life and Executive Coach, Advanced Pranic Healer, Feng Shui Master, Tarot and Moon Oracle reader.
She has been teaching seminars and workshops around the world for more than 10 years, and has taken as a mission in life to promote the ancient wisdom carried by her family In Mexico about Curanderismo, The Healing Arts of Mexico and Shamanism.

Wendy graduated from the Feng Shui Master class of Lilian Too in Malaysia, Ericksson College of Leadership and Coaching in Canada and The World Game in Indonesia. Some of her studies in Energy Healing, the Human Mind and Co-Creation were performed in China, India, Finland, Brazil and The Netherlands. You can reach Wendy at:

Andrea Sonnier

Andrea Sonnier is a doctoral student in Department of Education at Gallaudet University. Her research interests focus on liberating and social justice-based education and practices that is rooted in compassion for the self and others such as Deaf/Hard of Hearing learners with intersectional identities. Andrea is also a member of her university’s Diversity Strategy Team where she has the opportunity to help guide and determine strategies regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the school’s campus. Outside of work and school, Andrea enjoys traveling, dancing, and experiencing new places, people, and things!

Em Morrison

Em Morrison is a storyteller, activist, Reiki worker, bicycle enthusiast, badass vegan cook, dancer, singer, youth worker, camp counselor, coach, and Dharma practitioner all rolled into one precious human birth. 



April Rameé 

Through yoga and healing with herbs, April discovered the absolute truth that accompanies the ability to harness the genuine spirit of love and healing. In addition to her extensive yoga training with Dharma Mittra, April is a clinical herbalist with a dedicated connection to Mother Earth and healing with plants. April is owner of Antler Alchemy, which brings nature, spirit, and ancestors out to play through herbalism to her community in DC and the world.  April navigates life with one key intention—to spread love and the healing energy of the universe via herbs, yoga, breath work, ceremony, dance, sacred sound and many other forms of spiritual activity.

Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Lisa Marie Thalhammer is continuously inspired by how the art of yoga has the power to heal the body, mind and spirit. She is a RYS-200 hour certified vinyasa flow instructor and an award winning Washington, DC based visual artist.  Lisa Marie is most known for her striking and powerful portrait paintings, collages, color networks and public murals. With over a decade of experience in arts education, she teaches yoga to share the physical healing, mental benefits and spiritual enlightening she has experienced through her practice with others.
Lisa Marie Thalhammer brings enriching themes, curated music, choreographed sequencing and a figure painter’s eye for alignment assists to her yoga classes. Her all level vinyasa flow practices are grounded in yoga theory while creatively uplifting. Expect a fun well rounded flow that includes intention setting, warm-up, sun salutations, posture variations and meditative moments. Inspiring soundtracks keep class interesting while cues to breathe connect you with your body. Classes conclude with a warm-down, final rest and gratitude. 


Nazaahah Amin-headshot side profile.jpg

Nazaahah Amin

Nazaahah Amin is a mama, daughter, sister, friend, chai tea lover, and proud black nerd with a belief in the magical power of sisterhood. This belief ignites her mission to strengthen women of color through yoga, self-care and connection.

As a yoga teacher, with over 15 years of experience, she’s led hundreds of students at women owned wellness spaces. She currently teaches yoga & meditation to youth in afterschool programs in underserved communities and offers her signature class series Sistas Yoga Series™ in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.

Off the mat, Nazaahah handcrafts custom scents for her aromatherapy company, Ama Scents, and speaks at national conferences, spiritual retreats and women’s wellness events around the U.S.

Yuli Ama Luna

Photographer, Artist, Energy Healer, Psychic, Medium, Shaktivating © Founder and Facilitator, Animals Rights Advocate and a Wild Woman!
I believe we know all the Answers. We just allow ourselves to forget. When we remember to come back to our center and start loving and accepting ourselves, unconditionally, then we open the sacral vortex of the Universe and invite Her to breathe through us, and this is when the Magic happens ♥ For Women Of The Wild 2017, I'm offering my Goddess mini-photoshoots and Shaktivating class (empowering workshop for women to recall and activate our infinite abilities through spiritual uplifting, sacred body movement and energy work). I might also offer very few intuitive readings, if all aligns ♥



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Cristina Rios

 Cristina Rios is the brains behind the DC music project Rios & The Rays. Singer-songwriter, producer, and go-getter extraordinaire, she seizes every moment and will help you find your inner power to do the same. 

Cristina fearlessly studied Chinese Language and Literature and lived in China from 2010-2011--where she dove into the unknown--exploring Chinese culinary traditions, traditional painting, and qigong. 

Drum circles, jam sessions, nature, and people are what fill her with the brightest energies---come ready to be uplifted by her song, dance, and energizing words. 

In her EXPRESS YOURSELF! workshop you'll learn how to plow through your inhibitions, channel your inner creativity, and enjoy the silliness of free expression. Get ready to shake, make noise, and rediscover that spark you've been hiding from the world. You'll leave feeling grounded, human, and empowered.


Jennie Light

Jennie (RYT) is the founder and owner of Bluebird Sky Yoga. Jennie started practicing yoga nearly a decade ago while living in Colorado and was immediately hooked on the fluid movements that reminded her of her days dancing growing up. Yoga has remained an integral part of her life because it allows her to disconnect from the stress of daily life, connect with an incredible global community of compassionate people, and see the world more clearly.

Across Jennie’s years studying yoga, she has fallen in love with many different lineages, in large part because of the diverse and inspiring teachers who have passed through her life. Through her classes, Jennie seeks to encourage students to grow as her teachers have done for her. As a former radio show host, music is a central component of each of her classes. Jennie completed her 200-hour Vinyasa and Power Yoga training with Mimi Rieger, 50-hour Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa (Rocket) training with David Kyle, and 60-hour Primal Yoga® Flow training with Liz Arch.

Expect thoughtfully sequenced classes influenced by the Ashtanga tradition and infused with playful sequencing, funky variations on traditional poses, pranayama, and on some occasions martial arts (from her PrimalYoga® Flow background).

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"Her Highness" Jordan Kathrine Lyle

"Her Highness" Jordan Katherine Lyle is a Moon Priestess, astrologer, tarot reader, diviner, numerologist, interpreter of symbols and, clairvoyant who discovered her calling at an early while exploring enchanted forests and communing with beings from other realms.  As the result of her ancestral legacy, she was led to the metaphysical arts at a young age.  It was then that she began mixing what her family called “potions” until age of 14 when she discovered metaphysics.  From there, she began an intensive study of astrology, tarot and, magic.  Over the next decade, her knowledge base expanded through rigorous self study and communing with nature. Her practice was cultivated and refined under the formal and informal tutelage of Kwesi Karamoko, Dorita Dixon, David Hurt, Edgar Cayce, Luisah Teish and her ancestral guides. She later went on to earn a MA in Mental Health Counseling at Trinity University. The basis of her professional practice and spiritual lens can be found in the anthropomorphic traditions of ancient indigenous people around the world.  She is committed to demystifying the spiritual realm through intuitive readings, metaphysical coaching services, classes, workshops and retreats.  Her mission is guided by the intention of awakening the inner Priest/Priestess in those who have been called to the path.  Her goal is to assist in humanities collective evolution through the consecration of the everyday.