Jalissa Coffee

Jo Coffee hails from the great state of Ohio, but has been in DC long enough that it is now home.  She spends a lot of time creating and cultivating spaces of inclusion. Most recently, she has helped launch The Opened Box, where she serves on the Board of Directors.  She is also involved in The Ayaba Series Sister Circle.Jo has a strong passion for women and children and believes that society is most successful when we invest time in these two communities. 

In her full time work, she is an event planner.

Natalie Orozco 

Natalie Orozco is a spiritual empowerment coach, earth wisdom ceremony guide, and human development researcher. She currently resides in Washington, D.C. She is sanctioned to teach medicine wheels and guide ceremonies by the Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings, a tradition that has its roots in pre-Mayan times. She does this through group or one-on-one ceremonial experiences and coaching programs. She is committed to supporting others in their life journeys towards balance and wholeness and personal growth. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz and an Ed.M. in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Katie Randall

Katie Randall has spent the last 10-years working as a counselor, teacher and therapist for children living with special needs and disadvantaged youth before diving into her Yogic studies. In 2010 she received her 230-hr teaching certification through The Yoga Center of Minneapolis. She trained in Teen Yoga through Karma Kids, Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Dave Emerson and received a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy, along with her 500-hr RYT at Maryland University of Integrative Health. She has had the privilege of working with plant medicine with teachers and Shaman's in Latin America that have humbled her on this journey, revealing her Dharma is being of service to others, and sharing in the light and love that we all are. Many of us have simply just forgotten.

"This is the place of Pure Being, that inner place where you dwell, you just Be. There is nothing to be done in that place, then it all happens, it all manifests in perfect harmony with the universe. Because you are the laws of the universe... YOU are the laws of the Universe." - Baba Ram Das