Ishanee Chanda

Ishanee Chanda is a prose writer and poet from Dallas, Texas. Having been born in India, much of Ishanee's writing focuses on the struggles of being a first-generation immigrant looking for a home and identity in a different country. One thing that has always fascinated Ishanee is the idea of a story: why we tell them, who we tell them to, and what defines the ownership of one’s experience.

Ishanee is the author or two books of poetry titled Oh, these walls, they crumble and The Overflow. Additionally, she has been published in the Eckleberg Project, Stoked Words: A Queer Anthology, Z Publishing House’s Emerging Texas Writers, Flypaper Magazine, and Apricity Press. She has participated in the BlackBox Writer's Residency Program and was a part of a spoken word poetry scene in College Station, Texas known as Mic Check Poetry. Ishanee currently resides in Washington, D.C. where she works full-time in the field of immigration policy and research with plans to pursue a Masters degree in 2019. Ishanee enjoys eating her weight in Thai food, singing loudly (and badly) to Taylor Swift, and playing the ukulele just to make people smile.


Danielle Waldman

Danielle is a life coach, reiki healer and wild woman circle leader who uses her intuition and empathetic nature to connect with those around her. She loves to give individuals support on using their voice, deepening their connection with their intuition and feeling confident in their own, authentic path. She desires to hold sacred space for women and empower them to go deep.


Suzanne Henley

Hi there. I’m Suzanne. I spend my weekdays in a fluorescent lit office managing a jammed schedule. I love my work, but it can be a lot and I feel it in my mind and body. Kundalini yoga wrings out my stress and anxiety leaving feeling relaxed and my energy renewed. I am a certified kundalini and vinyasa teacher and have extensively practiced and studied meditation and contemplative prayer.           


Jennifer Furlano 

Ms. Jennifer Furlano is a proud Deaf individual who was raised by deaf parents and has a deaf brother. She has always used American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. Ms. Furlano has a Bachelors degree in Biology from Gallaudet University and a Masters degree in Deaf Education from McDaniel College in Maryland. She has a passion for helping others and advocating for Deaf people. Ms. Furlano has taught ASL for almost 25 years to diverse populations including: infants, parents of deaf children, deaf and hearing college students, and international students in Japan. Most recently, Ms. Furlano's focus has been working as a Certified Deaf Interpreter with the deaf blind population. Outside of work, Ms. Furlano is devoted to helping animals and is a practicing vegan. Her dog Oliver travels with her almost everywhere including a recent cross-country road trip to Oregon this summer.

Image Description: Ms. Furlano holds her dog, Oliver, to the camera and they stand next to a wooden carved sign that states “PECOS WILDERNESS Santa Fe National Forest.” Her hiking partner and photographer is Suzanne Bono.


Katie Harten

Katie Harten has been very active with sports and outdoor activities her whole life which reflects into her daily life, practice and love for yoga. In college she studied Pilates at Cincinnati State and later 200 hr YTT for Ashtanga Yoga with It’s Yoga in 2013. In 2016 she practiced Aerial Silks with Brittany Neagel, founder of Elevated Silks, and in 2017 she began practicing Rocket Yoga taught by Amber Gean owner of Yoga Ah Studio, who was taught by Larry Schultz the founder of the Rocket system. She has since received 150 hrs in training of the Rocket system. In 2018 Katie assisted a Costa Rica Yoga training and surf camp and completed a 15 hr Busy Being Kids Yoga training for adults to teach kids in and out of schools mindfulness and is now partnering with Project Yoga and Skool Aid. Her zeal for nature, adventure and sunshine is reflected in every practice which inspires students to be creative, be brave and laugh! Shanti!


Consider the cosmic conscience and there we began to yoke, to unify, we learn that we are boundless! When seeking answers from outside influences we will never get our answers questioned or questions answered. So, we begin to look within ourselves, into the cosmos as we steady the mind by practicing Yoga, enabling us to sit more comfortably in meditation making our vision and intentions more clear. The ripples of the mind calm, we see our true reflect and understand that WE are the universe. We are one. We are unified.


Sam Bragg

Sam Bragg obtained her BA degree in International Studies from Gallaudet University, and then went on to get her Master’s in Outdoor Leadership from Saybrook University and National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Sam has always been passionate about the outdoors since a young age, especially coming from a family with strong roots in agriculture and the outdoors in the great woods of Maine. Sam has discovered many ways to continue her passion and love for the outdoors by working at different local farms, Green Mountain Lions Camp, Aspen Camp, Camp Mark Seven, and the Conservation Corps. Sam is eager to continue participating in the current dialogue on how to create a diverse and inclusive environment for outdoor and environmental education and conservation programs throughout the nation.